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Evertone knows to shred your paper but what about data shredding?

The protection of confidential information should be at the top of every company’s priority list. There could be so much at stake if a company fails to keep its private information safe. The company’s financial details would be exposed to potentially dangerous people and customers would be exposed to such crimes as identity theft, not to mention the violation of the requirement by law to ensure the safety of private information.

For a long time, the way to keep private information away from the wrong hands has been paper shredding. There are so many companies which specialize in shredding documents for other organization. These companies have been of significant help, since many organizations receive and publish so many private documents in a day, leaving them with a huge load that needs to be destroyed.

The problem with paper documents is clearly easy to solve. However, there is an even bigger problem; the information stored in soft copy. This data can easily be accessed by harmful parties, leading to losses, destruction of people’s lives and perhaps even the closure of companies. This concern has brought to life the technique of data shredding. 

Data shredding is a technique of disposing of private information stored in computers and other devices. It is used to help make sure private data used stored in a computer cannot be retrieved and reused. This method keeps companies safe from hackers, who have over time come up with creative ways of accessing private information. Some of the data shredding companies in the UK include: 

• Shred First

This company is renowned for its quality services in paper shredding. In addition to these services, Shred First also has the equipment to destroy media devices carrying sensitive data. Along with the large bags of paper documents that companies bring for shredding, they can also bring the hard disk drives, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, laptops, memory cards and floppy disks. 

This company offers on-site shredding services.  You are offered a container to put in the devices you need to be shredded. Once it is full, you should inform the company and arrange to have them shredded. After they are destroyed, you are given a certificate of destruction. 

• Data Shred

Data Shred takes identity theft quite seriously. For this reason, the company is greatly determined to ensure every confidential data is safely and completely destroyed. The company destroys this information both on-site and off-site. 

It has the necessary facilities to safely destroy such media devices as audio tapes, CDs and hard drives. The destruction is done in accordance with the regulations given by the Government. 

Data Shred offers you bins or bags to put the devices you need to be destroyed. Once they are shredded, the residue is taken to an incineration plant, which produces energy from heat. 

• Restore 

This company offers its services all over the UK. Due to its remarkable services in the destruction of confidential information, the company received a ServiceMark from the Institute of Customer Service. It is equipped with shredding machines for hard drives. 

Restore ensures the hard drives are wiped clean using state of the art machinery. Once it is done, you are offered a certificate of destruction. The company takes the residue for recycling.

• Shred Station

Shred Station offers its shredding services for paper, media devices, clothing and accessories among many other items. This company can help you destroy all the unwanted items in your company.

The two main goals of this company are the protection of confidential information and conservation of the environment. The company, therefore, ensures that everything is destroyed extremely carefully while making sure there is minimal destruction of the environment.

The security of information while shredding is ensured by monitoring the process using CCTV cameras. Additionally, the team involved in the shredding process is strictly vetted before being allowed to work.

• Shred-it UK

Shred-it UK ensures every piece of information stored on your hard drive is destroyed. The company offers highly secure destruction services for any device; whether it is a redundant computer, photocopier, flash drive or retired server. 

The security of this process is ensured by physically destroying the devices such that they cannot be used to retrieve any information. Once the shredding process is over, the company offers a certificate of media destruction. The residue is then recycled.

Parting Shot

The security of confidential data, if compromised, can lead to so many problems. For instance, if a customer’s information is retrieved and used for identity theft, they may end up being framed for a crime they are innocent of. Any form of exposure, no matter how little, could lead to the destruction of companies along with their customers’ safety.

Data shredding can save you a lot of trouble. It is important to hire a reputable and reliable company to do the work for you. 


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