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The Business Success Blueprint; The Core Mrketing Functions

What does it take for a business to succeed?

This is the question many face when the very idea of starting their own business crosses their minds. A lot of time, work and investment go in towards building a successful business; that coupled with the proper knowledge to help guide you in making sound decisions pertaining to your business.

The aim of any business regardless of what it’s about is ultimately to make profit and to achieve this, selling your goods or services is what counts. Getting consumers to go for what you’re selling however is another matter entirely. For consumers to buy your product or service, you need to be able to influence their perception. You need get them to believe that they need what you are selling. Up until now, the best way to influence the perception of consumers is through marketing.

Core Functions of Marketing

The core marketing functions can be summed up into seven main points;

I.    Distribution

Also referred to as channel management. It is the process whereby the company or you as the head of the company determine how the goods or services you are offering are going to end up in your target consumer’s hands. Essentially this means one thing, having a good or product for sale is no good I you can’t get it to the people you want to sell it to, as such this is a very important part of the business’s success.

II.    Market Planning

This part involves evaluating and understanding the various ideas and methodologies used to create and focus marketing strategies to a select market segment; the questions ‘what part of the market do I want to reach?’, ‘why are my products or services superior compared to those of my competitors?’ should be answered in this part. Location based marketing especially focuses on this part of marketing due to proximity factors with both clientele and competitors.

III.    Financing

The importance of financial power is no secret when it comes to businesses. Capital for investment is needed in order to realize profit in future. As such, the firm or you as a business owner should have an acute sense of raising capital whenever it is required and well appropriate it into areas of the business that need it in order to ensure continued survival. Availability of finance also means you have money for advertising your services thus reaching a wider market and in the long run contribute to your returns.

IV.    Pricing

Setting the correct price for a product is always a challenging endeavor for many businesses. This is because it can go either one of two ways for the most part if incorrectly done; set it too high and consumers may opt for your competitors products owing to the feeling that you’re over-valuing yours or set it too low and you may end up starving your company or business of some very gettable profits. To achieve the proper pricing takes time and a lot of trial and error as well as some very extensive research on your target market.

V.    Product and Service Management

Having settled on what part of the market segment you are targeting as well as having arrived at the proper pricing for your products or services, what comes next is product management. This basically entails keeping what you have on offer fresh and updated always in order to maintain a strong competitive edge in the market. This can be achieved by listening to consumer feedback and incorporating their needs into your products and services in order to keep them satisfied and loyal.

VI.    Promotion Avenues

Businesses are all very familiar with the concept of promotion since having their products or services advertised is what eventually brings in new clientele as well as keeping the already existing consumer base informed and interested in what the business is offering. With changes and improvements in ways on how to reach the market, it would be prudent for businesses to keep up with the emerging trends. One such trend is the use of social media platforms to reach out to clients and potential clients. Implementing and effective social media campaign for your firm can be a very positive way of getting new clients.

VII.    Product Matching to Consumers

This is the last point in the marketing area. Having a product that a consumer wants or needs is what essentially leads to actualizing a profit. This is because you can only have a client when you have something they want to purchase; your company may be marketing data security as a specialized service or even just be involved of other common consumables, the point is you have something that a client wants to spend money on.


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