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What is wrong with using brown envelopes for direct mail?

Designing a direct mail campaign

Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing strategies that exist, but in most cases they are underrated and get overlooked by businesses. Many believe that, since this is a digital era when everything goes on through a computer or smartphone, Internet ads and profiles are all you need to get promoted, and e-mail is the only reasonable way to contact your potential customers directly. However, direct mail campaigns do have a good return of investment, and you should always take them on account if you want to increase your sales and and reach new customers.

Experience shows that direct mail is very compelling and helps a company stand out on its own, especially if it is well designed and put together. Running a successful direct marketing campaign requires an organic design approach, because a multimedial advertisement campaign will always have more impact than direct mail on its own. Studies reveal that companies which combine e-mail with direct mail get far better results than those who use e-mail alone or direct mail alone. Read More...

On-Site Paper Shredding service

Paper shredding for confidenciality

Paper Shredders are quite common in offices, institutions and other organisms that work with lots of documents. Proper shredding is the only safe and viable way of disposing of documents containing confidential information. Of course, it would be more convenient to merely throw all papers in the trash bin and let the garbage truck guys handle the whole bundle. But that's one of the worst decisions you could take if you own any sort of business or organization.

There are people out there dedicated to searching garbage for confidential data, passwords and other bits of sensitive information. They know they can use it for many purposes; they can sell it to your competitors, steal your data, hack your systems and even blackmail your customers or members, or even yourself. The list goes on and on, so it is worth it for them to spend hours with your paper disposals, looking for the number or password that will open up the gate towards money and power for them. And you should beware. Read More...

Strategic management: Growing beyond your core business

Growth and projection

Entrepreneurs are well aware of the fact that there is little to no success that can be attributed to good luck or a favourable fate. Business success is about taking the right steps according to a well designed project, implemented wisely at the right moment and in the right market. There is a lot of thought and work involved in designing a successful business, and that doesn't stop after it has been launched. Instead, it will continue for as long as the company or startup is active. 

In today's economic scene, startups have more means than ever to grow and develop their own activities. Tools like the Internet, payment processing methods and globalization allow people from all around the world to channel their creativity and their vocation to solve other people's problems and make money out of that, and turn it into a profitable business. However, it takes more than a good idea and a few wise decisions to turn a startup into an established business, and weak foundations might be enough to sustain a small business but not a larger company. If you want your startup to grow and surpass new limits, you will need to make the right decisions concerning the strategic management of your business. Read More...

The Business Success Blueprint; The Core Mrketing Functions

What does it take for a business to succeed?

This is the question many face when the very idea of starting their own business crosses their minds. A lot of time, work and investment go in towards building a successful business; that coupled with the proper knowledge to help guide you in making sound decisions pertaining to your business.

The aim of any business regardless of what it’s about is ultimately to make profit and to achieve this, selling your goods or services is what counts. Getting consumers to go for what you’re selling however is another matter entirely. For consumers to buy your product or service, you need to be able to influence their perception. You need get them to believe that they need what you are selling. Up until now, the best way to influence the perception of consumers is through marketing.

Core Functions of Marketing

The core marketing functions can be summed up into seven main points; Read More...

Setting Up a Publishing Company:The Essentials

Steps towards setting up a publishing company

Creative writing is a hobby for some while it is major business for others. Regardless, the fact is that creative writing has been around for virtually as long as we all can remember. With today’s technology however, the industry is currently at its peak, thanks to the application of digitization to published works. E-books are slowly but surely becoming the norm for viewing and delivering such media although some printed books still continue to be produced.

If you are interested in starting a publishing company either to publish your own work or the work of others, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. There are a number of steps involved but if successful, not only will you be publishing your work or the work of other talented authors but you will be bringing their stories to the world.

As stated above, the process involves a number of steps and aside from that, like starting up any other company, it involves much dedication, time and patience if it is to be successful. Read More...


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